Frequently Asked Questions

Are the insects used in your displays real?

Yes, all the insects we use are 100% real.  They look the same way they do in nature, we do not alter their appearance in any way.

Where do the insects come from?

All of our insects come from insect farms located all across the world, many in tropical regions.  These farms raise insects as a source of income instead of destroying the rainforest to log, farm, or raise livestock. 

Are the insects killed?

Many insects have short lifespans, so it is easier to let them die naturally, and then collect them.  This is a common practice at many insect farms.

Are the insects endangered?

There are strict laws protecting endangered species in many countries, including insects.  Many countries require permits, and customs forms to sell insects internationally.  We only use insects from farms that file the proper documentation for legal insect sales.  Insect farms are also part of the conservation effort for many insect species, as they can help increase their population in the wild when necessary.  

Are your displays archival and UV protected?

We use only acid free papers and adhesives in all our displays.  Each display is sealed to protect it from moisture, dust, and pests.  The glass used is all our frames is 99% UV protected.

 *Please note that we recommend keeping all our products out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures as an additional precaution*

Do you use eco-friendly materials?

We do our best to be green here at Green Beetle Shop, and we try to use responsible materials whenever possible.  The wood used in all our frames is FSC certified and the paper backing we mount all our insects on is made using hydroelectric power. We use eco-friendly packing paper in every box we ship, and you can help us by recycling the box and packing materials after they arrive.  We also print all our business cards and promotional materials on recycled paper.