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People have always had a relationship with insects. This relationship is often either one of fear or one of delight. True, any of us can realize the grace of the butterfly or the necessity of the bee. We tell stories of the industrious ant and the lazy grasshopper, but what of the others? What about those creatures that rhyme and verse do not speak?

As humans we tend to focus our attention on things more our size, more our speed. Things flying above our heads or crawling below our feet are usually the furthest things from our minds. Still we all have memories that involve insects. Fireflies in the fields, moths around the light, a caterpillar in our hand. When we stop and look, insects capture our sense of awe and wonder better than most anything I can think of.

Beauty is not always easy to see. When we finally see it in something, we know it immediately and ever after as just that, beautiful. This was my experience with insects. As a boy I was fascinated with insects for their size and strangeness. As a man I am captivated by their beauty and form. Something in me knew they were special, I just didn't know quite what it was or what to call it. As an artist and designer I now have the words.

I think most people are like me in this respect. Whether they keep insects at arms length, take them gently in their hand, or run from them in fear; in the right light everyone can see their beauty. The driving element behind everything we do at Green Beetle Shop is to be that light. We hope you will join us in our mission to show people the beauty of the small things and bring a little wonder back to the world.


Joshua D Smith